Basic Opposite Words Matching Activity Pdf Worksheets For Students

Basic Opposite Words Matching Activity Pdf Worksheets For Students

Opposite Words

Antonyms must be learned correctly by students. It is important both in exams and throughout life in terms of using the language correctly and expressing oneself effectively. Antonyms are only words that contradict each other in terms of meaning, the negative meaning of a word with a positive meaning cannot be counted as an antonym.

Basic Opposite Words List

EvenOddGive Take
HotColdNight Day
LightDarkImport Export
OppositeSameHard Easy
NeverAlwaysHuge Tiny
LateEarlyNormal Strange
LessMoreLittle Much
MaleFemaleIn Out
HappinessSadnessHot Cold
FastSlowSoft Hard
OldYoungStop Move
BoyGirlBegin Finish
UpDownVisible Invisible
LeftRightAlive Death
RichPoorNorth South
LoveHateClever Stupid
InsideOutsideBefore After
BadGoodSweet Sour
ShortTallIncrease Reduce
CloseOpenChild Adult
ManWomanBrief Long
DifficultEasyOn Off
FullEmptyAmateur Professional
LetForbitLiquid Solid
DimBrightBorrow Lend
MeltFreezeAlly Enemy
RegularIrregularStart Finish
AwakeAsleepNatural Artificial
CombineSeperateThick Thin

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