Most Common Collocation List PDF Worksheet For Kids and Students

Most Common Collocation List PDF Worksheet For Kids and Students

For Download PDF Worksheet, Click Here; Most Common Collocation List PDF Worksheet For Kids and Students


Collocations With COME

come closecome complete with
come earlycome first
come into viewcome late
come lastcome to a compromise
come to life come second
come to decisioncome to a total of
come to an endcome to an agreement
come directcome cheap
come to a stopcome into sth.
come clean aboutcome under attack
come up withcome to life
come preparedcome to a realization
come to terms withcome in last
come on timecome to power
come right backcome to sb’s rescue
come to a conclusion

Collocations With GET

get a callget a joke
get a ticketget a letter
get a coldget a shock
get a darkget a clue
get a tanget a job
get out of breathget drunk
get startedget fired
get coolget pregnant
get hungryget one’s hair cut
get togetherget a right
get dressedget upsed
get divorcedget changed
haveget ready forget the impression
get into troubleget wet
get goodget worried
get a chanceget lost
get permissionget stuck
get a degreeget to sleep
get homeget married
get nowhere


Collocations With TAKE

take part in sth.take time
take a looktake a bath
take a showertake a break
take a chancetake a picture
take a seattake notes
take caretake a break
take classtake a rest
take a taxitake an exam
take care oftake your time
take a decisiontake a bite
take a bowtake advice
take a hiketake a risk
take a surveytake the bus
take medicinetake a trip
take parttake lessons
take my placetake a long time
take effecttake cover
take it seriouslytake a vacation
take it aparttake heart
take a coursetake a sit


Collocations With HAVE

have a showerhave a bath
have a washhave a scrub
have a resthave a break
have a naphave a snooze
have a lie downhave a dream
have a holidayhave a day off
have a partyhave fun
have a haircuthave a shave
have a chathave a decision
have a conversationhave a talk
have an argumenthave a dispute
have a fight have a quarrel
have a lecturehave a walk
have a joghave a run
have a swimhave a stretch
have a gamehave a dance
have a drillhave a lesson
have a thinkhave a meal


Collocations With GO

go homego downtown
go abroadgo North
go Southgo party
go cinemago bank
go a hikego a drink
go a coffeego a meal
go a restgo a nap
go a ridego a drive
go a swimgo a walk
go a rungo doctor’s
go mountainsgo beach
go lakego port
go airportgo supermarket
go a safarigo an adventure
go a cruisego a trip
go holidaygo meeting
go conferencego gig

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