Find Missing Vowel Activity with Spring, Write The Missing Vowel Worksheets

Find Missing Vowel Activity with Spring, Write The Missing Vowel Worksheets

For Download PDF Worksheet, Click Here; Find Missing Vowel Activity with Spring

How can I improve my vocabulary for beginners? Tips and advices

If you want to start a beneficial learning camp for English, here our tips:

1- Enter in the Facebook groups and collect some friends. You can improve your vocabulary by talking with foreigners. All you need is to choose people from different levels. These levels should be different because you should measure yourself via these person. If you cannot talk with a higher level person you need to get down to a lower level. Thus you can find your own way easily.

2- Never get tired to learn somethings. If you want to learn vocabulary in an effective way, you should always wonder the meaning of words. For example if you saw something and want to learn the meaning you should use English dictionary. And this does not have to be from hard ways. In order to look the meaning of the word, you will just download an online dictionary. Thus you can learn the meaning of new words that you just saw that moment. That’s easy like that. Secret: always use a digital dictionary.

3- Try to speak your foreigner friends via skype, whatsapp or facebook. This contact shapes will keep your language alive. Never forget: a language is a living creature. If you want to keep it alive, you should use it. So use your vocabulary and language. Use your grammar information. Find someones to talk about life and events. Mobil applications are great to realize it.

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