Informal Contractions Examples and Sentences PDF Worksheet For Students

Informal Contractions Examples and Sentences PDF Worksheet For Students

English Slangs

There are all kinds of slang words used in everyday English conversations (Here are Examples of Daily Conversation in English For Speaking). English slang words are pretty much. Take, for example, the word “chick”;

In terms of dictionary, it is a name given to a baby chicken, that is, a chick, but it can also be used as a daily word when referring to a girl. There are also some slang types that change the pronunciation of the word without changing its meaning.

For example, English speakers can say “gonna” instead of “going to” or “wanna” instead of “want to”. You can hear different types of slang in different parts of the world where English is spoken, in Australia and Britain.

Slang is often seen as something used by young people. It is often thought of as a “cooler” or “newer” version of speech. But there is another kind of English slang that you need to learn. Although slang is still a very unofficial type of English, slang may not sound so cool, classy, ​​or not. Some of them have been in use for so long, and it’s ridiculous! One of the words used to describe such slang is “cheesy” (you’ll see more about this word later).



What are you

Example Sentences

  • Whatcha thinking?
  • Whatcha passionate about



Want to

Example Sentences

  • wanna race cars.
  • I really wanna be her.



I’m + going + to

Example Sentences

  • I’mma talk to him.
  • I’mma go to university.



Out of

Example Sentences

  • She got outta the taxi.



Kind of

Example Sentences

  • It was kinda nice to see her again.
  • What’s your favorite kinda music?



Have + to

Example Sentences

  • You hafta do it.
  • hafta be successful in this.



Give me

Example Sentences

  • I beg you, gimme a chance, please.
  • Gimme another water.


Got + to

Example Sentences

  • Be careful! you are gonna fall.
  • Just gotta get my notebook back.


Don’t know

Example Sentences

  • He dunno how much I love her.
  • Dunno, my dad always eats a lot.

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